Healthy snack on the go

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If you are travelling all the time I am sure you would love this idea. In trips it is hard to find good food in the restaurants/cafes as you never know what they are doing out there in the kitchen. Yes, it may look great, still it is a mystery what ingredients they use, in what way they cook it and how thoroughly they do their jobs. The easiest way to make sure you are eating good food is to cook it yourself. Well, of course it is not that much convenient to cook in the trips, people do want to enjoy their time, but not to stuck with cooking errands. Although you can still  create something on the go. I have got this little idea while travelling to Greenport, NY.

Ingredients :

  • You just need to buy plain greek yogurt (see the label, which has no sugar, less calories and well known brand)
  • Raw Almonds
  • Raspberries( from farm market)

Put almonds & raspberries in your yogurt and enjoy your healthy snack!!


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