Contagious: Why do things catch on

Name of the book: Contagious: Why do things catch on

Author: John Berger

Type/Genre:  Marketing book

Word of mouth between 20 to 50 % of all purchasing decisions. Its more targeted, directed toward an interested audience.
Six key steps:
1. Social Currency
Knowing about cool things makes people seem sharp and in the know. To get people talking we need to craft messages that help them to achieve them desired impressions.
We are tend to tell only good things to other people about ourselves. Word of mouth, then, is a tool for making a good impression – as potent as that new car or Prada handbag. Think of it as a kind of currency. Just as people use money to buy products or services, they use social currency to achieve desired positive impressions.Give ppl a way to make themselves look good while promoting your product.
Inner remarkability. Taking about remarkable things provides social currency( SNAPLES example)
The desire for social approval is human motivation.
Let ppl themselves like insiders. If ppl get sth not everyone else has, it makes them feel special, unique, high status. And because of that they ll not only like a product/service more, but tell others about it.
Having insider knowledge is social currency.
2.Triggers lead people to talk, choose, and use. Social currency gets people talking, but Triggers keep them talking. Top of mind means tip of the tongue.



8 out of 10.

Oriented Audience:

Business people, whose goal is to reach more audience; to get people excited about the product/service they are offering.

Best Time to read:  

Year round.

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