Why should we care?

Going to school is not only about learning subjects: math, accounting, english, etc., it is also about experiencing and getting the most out of your young age, by taking in all the opportunities that are offered at school.

One of the classes I was taking this semester – Math 101 with professor Cherif at Murray Bld, BMCC CUNY College.
I found it as a great source of knowledge and life lessons I wouldn’t probably get anywhere else.
“If you read – you will never die poor!” says Prof. Cherif.

“The educational system of NY colleges is structured the way so everybody is happy, everybody gets a degree who is willing to pay tuition and has enough strength to overcome long admission process. People are concentrated too much on what classes to take, what teacher to choose, checking its rating and reviews beforehand.” 

Unfortunately, after graduation, not everybody gets their desired job nor the pay they always wanted.

Cherif had taken classes for free sometimes, when he didn’t have money to pay. There was a time he didn’t register for a class, but just came to it for learning purposes, not for credits. Given his experiences I think that is a really cool approach towards learning.

“Knowledge is all that matters!”

“There are a lot of opportunities to succeed; the best way – through school, your best asset – the ability of understanding. Be aggressive and take advantage of the system.”

So many people even after graduation – do not read any more. And that is something to think about.

“Stay away from losers. There is a way to become strong. You’d better surround yourself with smart people who you admire. Find somebody who is a little better than you are in something. Don’t be jealous, instead try to learn from them.”


Though there are billions of people in the world, there is only one version of you. You have to be proud of who you are and always compare yourself with yourself!