You can reach the sky

This idea sparkled in my head 2 years ago. At that time I was living in Ukraine. I dreamt of coming to the US to dance and teach at the world-famous studio, Dance With Me, in New York.
Dance has always been my biggest passion in life.
When I decided this is the place where I want to be, I have started thinking of the ways to make it happen.
I sent my dancing video approach to the studio, but no one replied on my first try.
However I didn’t give up and gave it a shot again and again… and again.
After 2 years I was heard.

Working in the studio appeared to be even more exciting than I imagined. I feel blessed to do for living what I really love and enjoy.fullsizerender

“Everything happens for a reason in life” (me)

Every person I met and decision I made helped to sculpt the person I am today.
I believe everything is attainable! It is all about the right attitude, determination and never giving up. If something isn’t working out as you wish it only means you haven’t tried hard enough.

I have no idea where I got this mindset but huge thanks to whoever I took it from.
There are so much to explore and accomplish in this world.

GET OUT THERE AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU DREAM ABOUT because dreams on their own are not enough!

What are you doing right now to make your dreams come true?


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