Sunday for myself at the Morgan Museum

Study/Library (West Room)

EXHIBITIONS: Henry James and American Painting; This Ever New Self: Thoreau and His Journal


One Sunday afternoon I met a good friend at the NYC Morgan Library & Museum. That was my first time being there to learn more about new for me American Artists of 19 century.

THIS EVER NEW SELF is an elevated exhibition that I was lucky enough to see ( you can still make it, it’s on till September 10), devoted to the life of one of America’s most influential thinker and author – Henry David Thoreau, who was writing a life journal of his views on inner and outer world. The exhibition introduces the many sides of this extraordinary personality – reader, thinker, student, writer..

He was a Harvard student, although was convinced that spending time in the woods, exploring the nature around gives more education than sitting in a class and reading a book. He strongly believed in quality, looking for special books unlike his competitors.

Henry had a number of meaningful friendships with expatriate American artists and words best thinkers. His portrait was painted by one of my favorite American artists – John Singer Sargent.


Check their schedule and current exhibitions here. (Student ticket is $13 only, adult $22)⬇️

Those were my impressions and it’s so little from what you can get out there.

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