An extroverted introvert 

Who is an extroverted introvert? Do they exist at all? 
Those are the questions I asked myself before I even saw this cool article where my questions were finally answered.

You can be social and outgoing, though you desperately needing your alone time. If this description fits you, then–like me–you are an extroverted introvert.

Do not freak out because it sounds confusing. It is totally normal and that’s how many people are, sometimes without realizing it.
Here are few key things about extroverted introverts that will help you to sort it all out:

  • It’s hard to get us out though we are really fun and can have a great time when out. Sometimes we just need someone to take our hand and get us out with force. We will say thank you for that afterwards.
  • If we have a handful of meetings we would purposely schedule some quite time afterwards in order to recharge.
  • We are so fun and charming around people, are able to connect and relate to others, have a lot of friends, as well as try new things. So, very often, people mistaken us as a pure extroverts!! What they don’t realize, however, is that we can be extroverted for limited amounts of time.
  • We really don’t like small talk. We avoid small talks by any means and are very straightforward. We want to get to know you substantively: what your goals are, what your family is like. We don’t want to talk about how bad the weather is. Though if that’s what you feel comfortable talking about, then we will talk about it.
  • Just because we do like being around people doesn’t mean we want to talk! We are perfectly fine keeping it quite and enjoy the breeze of the ocean in a complete silence.
  • Despite needing our alone time we do get lonely. Sometimes we have hard times finding a balance between staying alone and being lonely, they do overlap from time to time.
  • It’s a compromise for us being around people but not talking to them, therefore cozy coffee places and cafes are the happiest places for us.
  • It all might sound crazy if I skip the following: we can have the greatest time when we do go out, are leaders and reliable friends. Our best friends are the ones who intuitively realize who we are and how to deal with us.

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