Your body will say “thank you”!

Start one good habit and it will carry over to other aspects of your life. When you begin exercising you are more likely to adjust your eating habits as well – and your heart, health and waistline all benefit.

It may seem hard to evaluate where you are at and what adjustments you need in your daily routine.

The best type of exercise is the kind you like – because that’s what you ll be able to stick with. 

Yes you may not be an expert, but neither are most people around you. You just have to do your best using what you already know. Remain open in absorbing all the great things from other people who know and can do more.

Given our sedentary lives , any amount of movement helps. Even two-minute busts deliver life-saving benefits. Sitting diesese has invaded our lives. We used to cook our meals at home using fresh ingridients, spending more time bustling around the kitchen. Now we seem to be too busy to do so, started using microwaves and ready meals more than ever. We order online and have items delivered to the doorstep. Instead, try to walk or ride a bike to do your grocery shopping.

Reclaim couple of old habits to increase your activity!

Here are some ideas on where to start in your health and fitness journey:

  1. Move around. As simple as it may sound, but movement is life!
  2. In order to stay on track – try to do progress checks once a month. Create a list of your measurements, how you feel , look, the condition of your skin, hair .. it can be anything depending on the goals you set. Ohh yeah.. you also need to have a specific goal, the result you want to achieve. Be as concrete and detailed as possible in coming up with your “why” .
  3. Be consistent. No matter how you feel or how busy you are YOU CAN find time for everything that matters the most. Make sure its a high priority in your list.
  4. Sleep is crucial to keeping your metabolism ticking along! One of the most effective sleep aids is exercise.
  5. Your eating habits is 80% of your success! You have to learn how your body works. What works for some may not work for others. Pay attention to what foods make you feel good, and what makes you feel fatigue and weak. The way you look and feel, your healthy skin , shiny hair – all depends on what you eat. Control your portions and use the best local ingredients. In the beginning I got so obsessed with counting each single calorie, fats, carbs and protein. I got used to it eventually, I know how much and what I should be eating.(so-called intuitive eating). I feel amazing after eating natural, organic, full of vitamins food and I have 0 cravings to something really bad. The worst case scenario I would eat too many apples with organic homemade PB. So, listen to yourself and adjust those eating habits.

To conclude, I would like to add that to be fit and healthy is easy when it becomes a part of your life. You shouldn’t feel like it’s punishment for the food you ate , or you are obligated, it should bring you joy and enjoyment!!!

To be continued… Next post I will dedicate to the food choices, my workout routines and supplements preferences.