Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup is classic dish of Thanksgiving fare and very popular in a fall time of the year. If you ever get a hankering for homemade butternut squash soup, this is the recipe for you. My ingredients list is simple, so the squash flavor can shine through, but final result offers you rich flavor….

Fish & Vegetables

I want to introduce to you this great lunch idea. Afterwards you do not have to worry about your lunch preps of 4 days. Salmon and tilapia fish are the best & the easiest ones to cook, on my mind. It takes about 25 m to get done your lunch, full of vitamins & nutritions….

Healthy snack on the go

If you are travelling all the time I am sure you would love this idea. In trips it is hard to find good food in the restaurants/cafes as you never know what they are doing out there in the kitchen. Yes, it may look great, still it is a mystery what ingredients they use, in…

Syrniki Recipe (Cheese Pancakes)

Ingredients: 0,5% Farmers cheese(Tvorog) 500 gr 1 egg 100 gr all purpose flour 1-2 tb spoon of honey banana a pinch of salt You will also need coconut oil, coconut flakes and raspberries. For toppings you can use sour cream,condensed milk, powdered sugar, jam or anything else on your choice. How to make syrniki: In a large bowl mix…