Fitness & Dance 


along with proper nutrition, is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being fit increases energy, burns calories and may prevent or minimize complications from chronic diseases. Fitness makes huge impact on my life as well as helps determine my attitude. The attitude can spell success or failure. Optimists generally reach more goals faster than pessimists.  What does that have to do with Fitness? You can live longer by reducing worry. In the same way, you can stay positive by reacting well to stress, getting better sleep, and being more creative. Stretching the mind and body can turn a broken-down wet blanket into a vibrant dreamer and achiever. It helps you stay focused and strong, with a clear mind that can function quickly, and a healthy body that can push through down times. People who live healthy are

  • Less irritable
  • Have an increased ability to interact with others
  • See opportunities rather than problems
  • See roadblocks as challenges, not a reason to give up

Learn here how to workout efficiently, eat clean and feel healthy. On this page you can also find workout video lessons, useful tips and sources. (Coming Soon!)

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